Tuesday, October 19, 2010

"Reed's argument about why music was so important to the Civil Rights movement?"

 What is Reed's argument about why music was so important to the Civil Rights movement? What are some of the specific roles it played in the movement? How does this relate or compare to your own experiences of the role of music in everyday life, or the relation of music to politics?
    Reed’s argument about why music is so important to the Civil Rights movement is that it was according to Reed is “The form of culture...” Some specific role that music played in the Civil Right movements is that brought unity to the Civil Rights movement; it also showed their roots and culture. Music was used in the antislavery movement and labor movement, therefore they also used it in the Civil Rights Movement, I believe music is a legacy for them, is their way to protest, was their icon in other words, music united them, and gave the Civil Right movement strength.
    Personally music is everything, it expresses what I cannot say, and sometimes give me the inspiration to do things sometimes I think I can’t do. Music let me escape to a dream world, in which everything is my way, a way of relaxation, and makes my thought fly away. I believe the Civil Rights movement wanted to do the same, wanted to find their own way to show the world what they wanted, what they were going through, they gave the world a new way to express thoughts, and feelings, they wanted to show the world what was going on in a creative kind of way, since nobody was paying attention to their them. When those with the Civil Rights movement started to sing, a person could feel every single word they said, because they sang with their soul, they wanted to show the world the pain, the shame and the harm these people were causing to the African Americans.
   Finally Reed’s overall statement was that the Civil Rights movement had music as harbor, The Civil Rights movement made music a very creative weapon, and they used it to let the world see the injustices that were happening in the United States.


  1. Intersting post - I'm not sure what you mean by 'harbor' in the last paragraph - can you tell me more?

  2. I believe is their only way to get their voices out there, they used it as an emotional shelter, where they could express their anger, and frustration toward those who don't want to listen or do anything for their cause.