Tuesday, October 26, 2010

Art, music and other forms of cultural expression are often especially useful in changing people's perception about their own lives. In the first chapter of Malcolm X's autobiography, he discusses internalized racism: the way that African Americans have absorbed the ideology of white supremacy. Describe how this issue comes up in Malcolm's early life, how he analyzes these early experiences, and the shift in consciousness you think he wants to create in readers. If you wish, you can also discuss other examples of how oppressed groups have internalized the messages of a dominant society, drawing on other texts and your own knowledge and experiences.
       In the first chapter Malcolm X discusses how African Americans have absorbed the idea of white supremacy. I believe Malcolm X talks about this in a broader way, I believe that he’s talking about how African American in general viewed “White people” as the supreme, as the elite of the society, but in the other hand I don’t believe his father had favoritism for him because of his color, I think his father liked him more, because Malcolm was interested in what he did. In his autobiography he mentioned, “One of the reasons I’ve always felt my father favored I was that to the best of my remembrance, it was only me that sometimes took with him to the Garvey U.N.I.A meeting...”, this was his life for his father, and by showing interest I think he earn his father favoritism. I believe that by his father not beating him, but beating the others more doesn’t prove that Malcolm was his favorite, because in the other hand he received beating from his mother, “I’ve said that my mother was the only one who whipped me…”, and I noticed his father never obstruct the beatings, regardless of if he was present or not. I think if Malcolm was favored by his father, I think his father would of done something when he came back home, I think there’s a lot of holes in the part people say that his father favored Malcolm X because of his color.  
     I’ve seen a lot of case that sure show that internalized racism. My family is of a dark complexion, but there are two or three that are of a lighter color. One of them is my aunt, she is not white but is mixed, and I believed she has internalized racism, because she actually adopted a white child with blue eyes, she having three children on her own. I think people think because a person is white have the lead, but unfortunately society, the media and so forth have put in people’s mind those who have blond hair, blue eyes, and milky complexion is what’s going to take you further in this society.
      I believe that media is the one that have made this internalized racism so common, because they still showing the white female, now you can see the media is integrating more colored people, and different complexion out there, but still the most dominant figure out there is the “white” female. Another example of internalized racism I think it was Michael Jackson case, which actually bleached his face, and relaxed his hair to look white. Another case is baseball player Sammy Sosa who bleached his face.
     Finally, I believe that in the Malcolm X autobiography there was not internalized racism, but in society itself there is a lot, and there still out here, we can still see it in ads, in movies , everywhere. Is how people can change this that matter, because beauty come in many forms and shapes, and the perception of the white people supremacy should end, because is not the color the make a person to reach their goals, but a person’s work, and determination, anything is possible.

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  1. A really interesting post - you bring up a good point that his father also likely saw a political kindred spirit in Malcolm. We only have his account to go by, but he does come to believe it was also because of his skin color. But your points about the problems in the wider problem and the media are important either way.