Monday, December 13, 2010

Extra Credit; Public Enemy " Fight The Power"

      Fight the power by Public enemy; it has an old school vibe which makes it connect with young people. This song is telling people to fight the power with a catchy phrase, in other word is evoking people the emotion to unify themselves and fight for what is right. Also has a defiance in it, when it says “Our freedom of speech is freedom of death”, which is a really strong stamen, just by putting the world “death” kinds of evokes a sense of anger.
         I think this phrase of fight the power is similar to “Black Power”, which was introduce by the Black Panthers Party in the late 1960’s and early 1970’s. I believe that by saying “fight” he want to put action to the social issues happening in the United States. This song also give a sense of how people of different race are struggling, and how they all need equality, in one part of the song it says, “People, People we are the same”, this kind of give me to understand that people have to fight for equality, that we all one, and human. I think that Public Enemy was trying to capture the social conflicts that were happening at that time.
    I think this song relates to the whole theme of this class, because throughout time all this time people always been looking for equality, there works or art were for a social purpose, and to let the word and the public what was really going on using art, music and so forth, just like Langston Hughes with his poems, and Nina Simon with her song, all of them had a thing in common which was make a difference, not just with African Americans, but with Hispanic, and minorities all over the Unites States. Finally, I believe Public Enemy wanted to give something new to persuade young people live in America to make a change and fight for the change they were aiming for.

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  1. Good post. I'm not sure how what you say in the last paragraph connects to class - can you explain?